About Me

Hi! My name is Kristina! I currently live in Colorado, but who knows where I’ll be tomorrow. My husband and I enjoy finding opportunities to live in different cities, so I’m sure we will find our next opportunity very soon. I have a fishy feeling that New York City might be our next destination, but one can never be certain.

My dream is to one day live in Europe. I have visited Spain, Italy, France, England, Scotland and Wales so far and loved every minute of those trips. Being from America, the history of Europe astonishes me in how far deep it goes. My ancestors originated from there as well, so I often yearn to dig into my roots.

Because of my interest in history, I often lean towards historical fictions. I also enjoy fantasy books, but if they have a bit of history in them then most likely I’m hooked. I dabble in biographies and other genres as well to mix things up a little and to bring myself back to reality and/or the 21st century.

I have a love for reading books and truly believe it can heal the soul. I read whenever I have the opportune time and especially during difficult times. Reading helps me jump into someone else’s life and forget about whatever chaos is happening in mine.

~A Book A Day Keeps Reality Away~

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